Journee Memorable !

What a lovely wedding gift surprise!

Angie was commissioned to paint a vineyard scene as a surprise wedding gift from the parents of this lovely couple from New Brunswick who came down to Niagara-on-the-Lake to get married! 

Any commissioned art piece can be turned into a photo book with personalized pictures of Angie’s progression !

Elizabeth was stunned when Jason surprised her with an original oil commission by Angie Strauss! This photograph was taken a couple months later with the finished painting that Elizabeth helped design by choosing the colours and variety of flowers.

‘For My Love’
20x24 original oil commission

Magic Grows in Angie's Garden!

Planting pink and blue hydrangea next to each other may cause the colours to mix together the following year, blending the pinks and blues to violet!


After planting bulbs and expecting regular lilies to bloom, Angie was surprised to find this new variety of double-petal lilies! After some research, we now know they are called ‘Isabella’ Roselilies

Bravo Niagara! International Music Festival

Angie Strauss loves to paint to music! - so when she was approached by the founders of the Bravo Niagara! International Music Festival, mother-daughter duo Christine Mori and Alexis Spieldenner, to have her artwork displayed during the event, Angie had to say yes! 
Musical guests included award-winning jazz vocalist Molly Johnson, as well as 15-year-old piano protege Nadia Azzi (pictured above)