Poem for Angie from a Visitor who was Inspired by her Garden!

Warmth on a Winter Day

by Sinéad Tyrone


Snow falls light as mist,

colors sky and landscape grey,

hides what lies

on the river’s opposite side,

obscures the sun’s

heat and light.

Shorebirds - bufflehead,

mallard, tundra swan -

fish ice-laden waters,

tuck into themselves on shore

to preserve warmth.

Garden bench offers empty respite,

aches for fulfillment;

flowers sleep under soil blankets,

sundials and statuary

disguise themselves under camouflage snow.


I enter through your garden gate,

walk winding paths

to your sacred haven,

color on walls,

music in air,

comfort for a soul

locked in too much grey.

Winter fades

as I walk past florals,

drink in your flowing spirit,

medicine for my artist’s soul,

sisters from other countries

joined by a need

to express what lies within.


Schedules call.

You have paintings to finish,

I am headed for the Falls,

ice covered,

frozen glory

my camera longs to capture.

I walk your garden path

once more,

this time in retreat,

buoyed by your camaraderie,

the world no longer grey,

my heart no longer low.